neo-accelerationist (nX). speculative design aficionado. design and media sociologist. tells stories of possible futures. lives happily in the extreme now. we live in troubling times, but they are beautiful, and everybody needs to know.

researches, writes and teaches. roams the edges of speculative design, pop culture, journalism, accelerationism and speculative realism. believes in swarms.  lives together with cat adorno.

investigates the theory and praxis of living in an accelerating world at studio hyperspace.

lead and ambassador speculative design at Speculative Futures Amsterdam, in collaboration with Digital Society School.

co-founder of FRNKFRT, webzine for pop, media and culture critique.

teaches at Maastricht Academy of Media Design & Technology, inspires at iARTS, and explores alternative futures of journalism at Fontys Hogeschool voor Journalistiek.

check my linkedin for all the stuff I do.

info [@] theoploeg [.] net | skype: theo.ploeg | twitter: @theoploeg